Types of jobs in Norway

We will serve any client who have any questions regarding their possibilities to get immigration and VISA for permanent residence permit. Before you are spending any big money on trying to get into Norway (ex. high consulting fees at lawyers, flight tickets and time used), we will be able to give you a clear understanding of your choice and possibilities for immigrate to Norway.
Norway need immigrants. Both skilled and skilled workers. There is a broad and strong growth in the Norwegian economy. Most of the growth will be in the private sector, as oil & gas, construction, agriculuture, aquaculture, housing and energy.

Available jobs for you who want’s to work abroad

There are a large variety of available jobs, in many different industries all over Norway. The demand is ever increasing. Available positions in industries like oil & gas, technology, forestry, tourism, manufacturing, service, farming, culture and a lot more. Some cities, like Oslo, Stavanger, Bergen, and Trondheim have a large share of jobs related to oil & gas, which are extremely popular, onshore as well as offshore because of the extremely high payment/salary. Offshore workers have may have 14 days on work, then 3-4 weeks off.

Skilled and unskilled jobs

There are all jobs available you could think about. A lot of open job positions require higher education, training, and skills according to the work as lawyer, teachers, nurses, engineers, doctors, but also a high amount of jobs unskilled could possess, where you don’t need more than high school.

Our neighbors, the Swedes, are coming to Norway in a large quantity, 80.000 in total pr 2011. The most common jobs the Swedes have in Norway is in the fishing industry, nurses and hotels, and restaurants. There is no straightforward method to get a job, nothing does itself.

In the construction industry, there is an ever-increasing growth of workers from Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Germans. Many personnel agencies, contains only workers from foreign countries.

Oil & Gas

In the Oil & Gas industry, Norway also has a high number of foreigners which are at different types of jobs. British and American personell, have historically been a necessary for the Oil industry. In the early days, Norwegians did not have the competence for this kind of work. Norway have allowed many companies to search and drill for oil in the North Sea. As a result, you will find the most major oil companies being present i Norway today.  Als newly small started oil companies find big opportunities in Norway.

Historical, Norway has been among the biggest shipping Nations in the world. And they still are.


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