Where to find work in Norway?

Find work in Norway


Where to find work in Norway?;

Here are some methods to find work in Norway:

Job Search Sites

There are few good databases for jobs in Norway. That’s too bad, is that almost all listings for work and jobs are in the Norwegian language. This does not mean that you need Norwegian language skills. We have several hundred thousands of workers from all over Europe and the rest of the world. But we still need more!

All the different databases have their own characteristics. Some are for unskilled workers. Some for specialists and some are just for leaders and managers and others for IT-engineers.
We have a job search site in Norway, completely in the English language, targeted for foreigns wanting to find a job in Norway. In this site, you can register what kind of occupation you do want to work in, expected salary, Linkedin profile, image, CV as a file among others.
The site is www.jobsnorway.no and is promoted to all big employers in Norway, job search databases and employment agency.
We do recommend this site if you are serious about finding a job abroad.

How to get help from an immigration consultant to find a job?

Immigration-norway.com is the ONLY site where you are able to get help finding a job. We will help you find the right databases; the right jobs to apply to, and even give you the opportunity to send your CV and resumes directly to HR management I different companies.
Immigration-Norway.com has access to company data to every single company in Norway, with contacts, size, number of employees, and much more.

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