Unskilled Work in Norway

Work for persons without any specialities or higher grade education


What is an unskilled worker?

You will get a long-range of recruit agencies or employment agencies and different small organizations that provide unskilled work in Norway. They are looking for groups of people like

  • bus drivers
  • craftsmen
  • laundry assistants
  • cleaners
  • seasonal workers
  • personal for bars and restaurants
  • transportation
  • and much more.

We can describe an unskilled worker as,

“A person who doesn’t have or don’t need any special training, and don’t need any special education or any craft certification, and need little or no independent experience or judgment to fulfill the current work’s responsibilities.”

Does Norway need unskilled workers? YES, many.

www.immigration-norway.com are working in cooperation with a lot of the major agencies that provide unskilled workers to Norway. The demand for unskilled workers to Norway, is continually high, due to lack of our own workforce.
Norwegian government has projected a need of over 220.000 new workers over the next few years.
Foreign workers immigrating to Norway,  will get the majority of these jobs. The unemployment rate by the end of January 2011, is 81.300, a record low 3.1% – and is as low as it may get. Many of the unemployment today will never get or take a full job. Leading to big opportunities for You who looking for work in Norway.

Can you obtain an unskilled job in Norway?

Yes, you can get an unskilled job in Norway. The biggest challenge for a foreigner might be the language, but not all jobs require you to speak Norwegian. Norway have already people from all over the world working in different occupations.

How do I raise my chances of getting an unskilled job in Norway?

Sign up for our personal service, regarding immigration services to ask us questions about, how to get an unskilled job in Norway?


What is the best place to register for any job? Both unskilled and skilled jobs.

Normally you need a job offer in Norway to be entitled to get a permanent residence permit.  So getting the job, is the most important step if you have plans moving/immigrating to Norway.

If you would like to find out how your chances  are, you could ask our consultant, or sign up and register your CV at www.jobsnorway.com

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