Key Points to Find a Job in Norway

Find a Job in Norway


What are the key points to find a job in Norway, Norwegian employment, a place to live and successfully immigrate to Norway?

Learn the language!

The official language is Norwegian. Norwegian is quite common to both Swedish and Danish and is well understood between these Scandinavian countries. The best of all is if you already know to speak read and write English.
The Norwegian speaks English very well, and in many organizations and companies, the business language is English.
Language and communication skills have and will always be of a crucial factor to succeed in a skilled type of jobs – especially a leading role, but not as important to unskilled work, as a maid, cleaners, construction and so on.
Norway already has thousands and thousands of workers from all over Europe, but also the rest of the world, speaking English, in jobs like a bus driver, construction worker, taxi driver, cleaners, and more.


To find a job in Norway you should remain positive. You cannot have 2 thoughts in your head at the same time. Think about your attitude. You could decide to have either a positive or negative attitude. It’s your own decision. Also, surround yourself with people with a positive attitude. You will reflect on the people you hang around.
Stay positive and lookout for opportunities and positive experiences. This is an investment that’s free, the only cost is some energy. You will get a lot in return. Trust me.


If Norway is going to be your new home, learn as much as you can about it. You have made a big and important decision, to move to Norway and start a new life, either alone or with your family. Be a part of this new country, and learn about the history, know the culture, the way of living, the news, sports, and politics. Respect all other persons, as you would like them to respect you. Norwegian is very polite, and a really good friend when you learn to know them.


Everybody is heading to Norway, with the thought “success” in their head. Of course – you should, you are that positive person as described above. But this doesn’t mean you cannot think one step further. This is often what separates the successful from the losers. The ability to think “What if”, and make both a plan B and a plan C. Things changes, plans fall through, so be aware and ready to change. The winners have always a plan B.


By going to Norway, move from your own country, your families and friends, your culture, food, and all that you know so good, you are taking a risk, maybe the biggest risk in your lifetime.
Keep your mind and eyes open for new ideas and possibilities. Continue the open-minded thinking that first brought you here.


A good way to be a part of this new society is networking, volunteer for various charities or professional associations or sign up as a mentor. This will bring you, new friends, expand your network, and give you success in Norway.

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