Make yourself visible.


Be visible. Be alert, and be aware. You have to be in an active job search.

Job Search is a full-time job

It’s a full-time job to apply for jobs, and you have to calculate a lot of time on it. Work Search is a mentally demanding, and a job in itself. One must, therefore, be prepared for the process can be lengthy.

How to make you visible for employers:

  • Be flexible and expand your search. This applies both to jobs and businesses.
  • Let people know you are on a job hunt. Make sure people know you are looking for a job, and thus make use of the network.
  • Be aware that it is a long process. Think months, not weeks. Set aside plenty of time to job search, it’s a full-time job.
  • Listen to people who have been there before. How did they work, what are your tips?
  • Don’t give up. Continue even if you do not get a positive response in the beginning.
  • Do not dig down. Flip the cards and see what you can do differently. Are there any other places you have not applied?

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