How to be granted a residence permit as a skilled worker in Norway?


High demand for skilled workers in Norway. Healthcare workers needed.

Skilled worker:

A skilled worker seeking jobs in Norway is ANY worker who has some special skills, expert knowledge or ability in their field of work. A skilled worker is an expertise, wanted for their knowledge and is mainly highly paid.
Thousands of new immigrants enter Norway each year. The majority are skilled workers and their families. The reason they are selected, are because they have work skills that Norway needs to its labor force, and contribute directly to the Norwegian economy and Norwegian society.

Vocational education:

Your education has to meet certain criteria. The vocational education must be a total of least 3 years, and corresponds to upper secondary education level. Our clients are mainly educated abroad, and we have to make sure that your vocational education and level of expertise, is least at the same level as you would achieved being educated in Norway.

Craft Certificate (non-degree):

To get a craft Certificate, you have to show you as an expertise in a craft, or have to be at the same level or higher as any craftsman in Norway. A craft certificate allows you to develop or enhance the professional skills necessary to embark on a career in craft.

University college or university education:

If you have completed a degree or study program, you are entitled to be granted a residence permit as a skilled worker. Examples include engineers, Bachelor or Master Degrees, nurses, and more.

Expert or specialist in your field of work:

Are you an expert or specialist in your chosen field of work? There may – or may not be present a formal education. Experts and specialist are always wanted in a wide range of industries – and the payment is very good.

Common for all positions:

Your degree or expertise has to be relevant to the position in Norway that you seek for. You are not granted a permission to work in Norway as a bus driver, but more as an engineer in Energy.

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