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Find work in Norway

Need a job in Norway? Do you want more information about Norwegian employment? Not sure where to  search for work, what is your chance and where Norway needs more workers?

Job help|e will go a step further to make your chance to stand out, and be recognized for a specific job. Based on your criteria, we will pass your CV/resumes and other documents of you directly to the person responsible for hiring in the companies of your choice.

That mean, you set the criteria of what a kind of industry, size of company and location.

You are responsible to pass us the correct CV and resumes, the right documentation, and your dream employer. will do the research, collect information and pass through the information about your qualifications to the right persons. We have the tools, to search, sort and find exactly the companies you are looking for.

See yourself as employed in a short while from now, earning 6-9000$ pr month, living in one of the cleanest, safest and richest country in the world – and so beautiful Norway is.

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