Seven out of ten available Norwegian jobs are never advertised!

Norwegian jobs are never advertised!


Available Norwegian jobs are never advertised!

7 of 10. Did you know this?  That’s 70%, And you are not able to apply for these jobs If you are not ahead everybody else!

Many people who get a job that it’s not advertised. You can get to know through family or close connections. But many individuals are also hired making direct contact with the company or relevant industry. If you make a fit for the organization, it’s a whole lot easier to get the job. How and what do you do to stand out and get in the position you want?

You have the following options:

  • Send in open job applications to interesting companies in Norway (seems like a daunting task)
  • or, let the companies looking for foreigners, experts, short-time employment, etc – FIND YOU!

There’s a LOT of work involved advertise for workers. So many companies are HAPPY to find YOU coming to them. are specializing in the task of promoting and finding jobs for foreigners. They have clients constantly looking for foreigners that want a job in Norway, instead of the long process advertise for help in newspapers, online or through job agencies. Also, this is a costly process., is the only website offering this type of service at this low cost. Why? Because the employer pays a fee (Finder’s fee) when they hire YOU.

The cost to sign up at is only “Administration cost” to get going.

Good luck. We welcome people who will contribute making Norway a better place.

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