Tips on Job Applications for foreigners wanting to work abroad

Tips on Job Applications


Write an appealing CV and Cover Letter

The first one from tips on job applications for foreigners is that the Norwegian companies consider good cover letters and CVs as the most important part of successfully applying for jobs. The application letter should also be altered to suit every individual job application. It is recommended to have your CV translated into Norwegian by a professional translator when you apply for jobs advertised in the Norwegian language. The CV should contain the main information regarding previous experiences and jobs and also a short personal description.

Show you job initiatives

The key objective is to convince employers. Show them how motivated and enthusiastic you are about working for them. It has proven to work well in the case of employees. Even when no job has been advertised since initiatives tend to be viewed favorably by organizations in Norway.


Foreigners with degrees and qualifications from universities in other countries may find the Norwegian educational agency NOKUT very useful. NOKUT verifies educational documents and achievements. And assesses them in equivalence with Norwegian qualifications.


It is also considered quite professional to have a LinkedIn account. Here your CV or resume can be viewed by potential employers. Private recruitment agencies also actively scour LinkedIn for suitable candidates.

Online and Recruitment Agencies

Websites including and are among the most popular platforms. Here job seekers and employers regularly post and advertise job vacancies. Specializing in financial consultancy, information technology, and engineering, Experis is Norway’s biggest recruitment agency. Other big companies that are quite popular and key players in the labor market include Campus, Orion, and Adecco.

Demand for Skilled Labor

In Norway, You will find that the unemployment rates is the lowest compared to the rest of the world.  Owing to a stable currency and vast oil wealth, there has been a steady growth in job creation. In fact, according to the latest figures, the country is currently facing an acute shortage of about 16,000 engineers, more than twice the number last year. Petroleum and civil engineers are in high demand in Norway and individuals belonging to these professions will find it quite easy to get good jobs with high salaries.

Noticeable Etiquettes

Generally, the dress code for job interviews in Norway is quite casual. Wearing a tie is not compulsory although it is recommended to dress smart and look sharp. Norwegians take great pride in being punctual, so remember to be on time for your interview. Begin the meeting with a firm handshake and maintain solid eye contact throughout the interview.

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