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A vast majority of job vacancies in Norway are posted on the internet. Although are plenty of other private recruiters and mediums through which many individuals have found their desired jobs, the internet continues to be a major source of listings for both the private and the public sector.


The Norwegian Welfare and Labor Administration (NAV) is the number one place to look for jobs or register as a job seeker in Norway. Established in 2006, NAV is a public welfare agency and includes the Labor and Welfare Service.

A thorough job search can be conducted on NAV’s website. You can post your CV and make a list of all your desirable jobs. In case a vacancy comes up, a NAV officer will contact you to verify your documents and set up an interview with the company offering the job.

Almost all Norwegian companies have their own websites, where they post the latest vacancies for both permanent and temporary jobs. Some companies often post job adverts only on their websites and not anywhere else. You can use the Norwegian Yellow Pages to find the websites of the companies you wish to apply to.

A large number of jobs are also advertised on Apart from these tools, one can also look for jobs in Norway on numerous websites from his home country.


A number of Norwegian newspapers also advertise job vacancies. Aftenposten is the biggest national newspaper for the latest job vacancies. An overview of Norwegian newspapers can be found at

Trade Unions

Trade Unions are considered one of the most reliable sources of information regarding jobs in their particular industry. Unions from an individual’s home country may also have links with their Norwegian counterpart organizations; contacting such organizations for help in seeking employment could prove quite fruitful. Most trade unions also publish magazines regularly that list job vacancies in their particular industry.

Private recruitment agencies

Foreigners seeking jobs in Norway can sign up with private agencies recruiting for a number of companies. The recruitment agencies could also be specializing in a certain profession or industry. Most agencies can be contacted through the internet and are also listed in the Yellow Pages:

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