Big Demand for Foreign Doctors and Specialists in Norway

Foreign Doctors and Specialists in Norway


There is an enormous Demand for Foreign Doctors and Specialists in Norway country. As a result of Doctors’ immigration from Europe to other countries, To get ten times the number of pays in the Scandinavian country.
Source: Aftenposten

14,000 doctors have left Balkan state, to find an alternative European country since 2007. The number of European doctors working in the Scandinavian country is increasing sharply since in recent years.

Highly trained doctors in Eastern Europe, are leaving their home country or planning to leave, to work in western Europe and Northern Europe/Scandinavia. That’s why the number of foreign doctors and specialists in Norway is increasing rapidly.

The Figures that Aftenposten has gained from a Medical Association in Romania, show that 14,000 doctors have left the country for the last five years. At Present, there are just 40,000 doctors working in Romania.

In the Republic of Bulgaria, several of the best doctors are leaving the country. Trough a recent survey of newly qualified doctors from the Medical University of the national capital, Eighty percent of the new Qualified Doctors said that they will travel abroad for work.

Around 800 doctors underneath fifty years left the Balkan nation in 2013.

Several alternative countries in Europe, are suffering from the problem of a large exodus of young doctors. However the amount of UN agency trips, Scandinavia is growing quickly. Many Hospitals recruited through skilled staffing agencies.

One of them is

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