How to get a job in Norway


One of the most attractive countries in Scandinavia, if not in the whole world, is Norway. Norway is ranked as the top 1 of countries to work and live in.

Also, Norway needs immigrants. Thousands of immigrants each year.

Norway has the last years been an “Eldorado” for people who want to work abroad. With the booming Oil industry, record high investments both offshore and onshore, high numbers of immigrants also leading to high activity in the construction industry.

But hold on. It doesn’t mean it’s easy.

A few barriers you will meet are:

–      Deliver CV/Resumes in the Norwegian language to potential employees

–      Know where to deliver the CV

–      Who are eligible for a work permit

Even though do not have lawyers, charging you 300$ an hour, we do…

–      Translate your CV/Resume for you to Norwegian

–      We know where to submit your applications and CV

–      We know the rules – who are eligible for a work permit

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