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We will serve any client who have any questions regarding their possibilities to get immigration and VISA for permanent residence permit. Before you are spending any big money on trying to get into Norway (ex. high consulting fees at lawyers, flight tickets and time used), we will be able to give you a clear understanding of your choice and possibilities for immigrate to Norway.

Fast growing economy – offshore jobs available

Norway has a fast-growing economy. How could you find work in our competitive market? How could you get the job You want in Norway? What do you need to know about Norway?

For a quick start to introduce yourself to the marketplace, either as an employee or starting doing business with or in Norway, you need some help. There are various public offices that will give you information about what to do, but there is virtually almost none that really will give you a hand and do some physical work or research for you.

Learn about foreigners already in Norway, managed to get Offshore jobs !

Services from

That’s why we have established, which will actually give you personal service regarding work, immigration and business issues for Norway.

We do a segmentation based on skilled workers and un-skilled workers.

Skilled and unskilled worker

Skilled worker: A skilled worker seeking jobs in Norway, is ANY worker who has some special skill, expert knowledge or ability in their field of work. A skilled worker is an expertise, wanted for their knowledge and is mainly highly paid.

Un-skilled worker: An un-skilled worker, may not any higher degree, high school or any special qualifications. A maid or laundry worker will often meet the definition as an un-skilled worker.

Types of job opportunities

  • Construction jobs
  • Offshore jobs
  • Government jobs
  • International jobs
  • Oil rig jobs
  • Summer jobs


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