Polish migrant workers rescues Norwegian shipbuilding industry


6 weeks on the job in Norway, two weeks in Poland

Six weeks on the job in Norway, two weeks at home in Poland. This is the big upside for long commuting for polish workers. They are counting 40,000.

In Norway, the economy goes so well that we do not have people enough to fill the jobs. In Europe and the U.S. economy is in deep crisis and millions of people are unemployed.
Guest workers looking for jobs in Norway have helped many Norwegian businesses and secure progression in many different industries.
The figures are difficult to survey, but based on 2009 figures from the Immigration Appeals Board, we know that Norway has more than 100,000 guest workers. More than 40,000 of them came from Poland.
Most workers will you find in construction, and also in cafeterias and in the cleaning industry, but also in the shipbuilding industry.

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