Odfjell apprentice dreams of drilling after Oil in Afghanistan

Odfjell apprentice dreams of drilling


The perfect start for offshore jobs! Odfjell apprentice dreams of drilling after Oil in Afghanistan

Source: BA

Zia Khani from Afghanistan ( 20) looks at Odfjell Drilling as the perfect school.
About Odfjell apprentice Drilling – Offshore operator and drilling specialist:
  •  Odfjell Drilling was established in Bergen in 1973 and went public in 2013.
  •  Approximately 500 of the total 3,100 employees at its headquarters in Bergen.
  •  2012 gave revenue of $ 1.093 billion and a profit of $ 116 million.
  •  The company owns and rents out six drilling rigs and drillships on the Norwegian continental shelf. In Brazil, Angola, and Tanzania, driver platform drilling for oil companies at 20 installations on the Norwegian and British sectors, and operates in more than 20 countries.
BA Sources says Khani moved to Norway from Afghanistan five years ago. He is now a 20-year-old auto mechanic. Since he is an auto-mechanic, he listened to a council of education and said that industrial mechanics would give him a lot of opportunities, especially in oil & gas offshore work.
After two years in Knarvik high school, He got an apprenticeship at OWS and is now read.
Khani said he moved to Norway five years ago. Actually, 20 -year-old auto mechanic be.
But he listened to the council that education as an industrial mechanic would give him many more opportunities.
He has not regretted for a second.

High ambitions for offshore work

After two years in Knarvik high school, he got an apprenticeship at OWS.
The young Afghan does not hide his hairy goals for the future.
He said that his dream is to use the workshop job as a springboard and to work offshore for Odfjell apprentice Drilling.
At the time, he has ambitions to acquire enough expertise so that he can establish an oil company in Afghanistan despite the conflict.
Khani said, “We are one of the richest countries, but everything is underground.”

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