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Construction worker

A construction worker is involved in the physical onsite building of everything like houses, bigger buildings, roads, bridges, tunnels, shipbuilding,  railroads and so on.

Construction workers could be either skilled or unskilled personnel. Often the skilled workers have a certificate, showing proof of expertise in a chosen field. Also, unskilled workers are present on construction building sites. This personnel could be assisting workers with a certificate or could take on simpler more routine tasks.

There are many sub-categories of construction jobs:

  •       Plumber
  •       Electrician
  •       Carpenter
  •       Painter
  •       Tiler
  •       Concrete worker
  •       Iron binding
  •       Façade work
  •       Scaffolding
  •       Machine entrepreneur
  •       And more…

In Norway, construction workers are very well paid that is why in recent years there has been a big demand for construction workers. Polish immigrants make a huge amount of the Norwegian construction industry today.

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