100 engineers needed for Oil & Gas / offshore work by summer


A company named Reinertsen will take part of the growth in oil & gas in the Arctic

Source: http://www.nordlys.no/naring/article7173993.ece

Oil & gas in the Arctic

“FOCUS IN MURMANSK: At most, Reinertsen had 450 employees in Murmansk. Now – they see a doubling of the number of engineers. They will be ready when the oil and gas contracts in Russian are posted.”

From pipes and steel to offshore oil & gas

Until 1980 ran Reinertsen with roads, tracks, bridges, and buildings. Now they have long since taken their offshore and petroleum industry. They build pipes and metal structures.

When Reinertsen now drooling on projects in the Russian part of the Barents Sea and the Kara Sea to the east, they have to build up the engineering department again.

Offshore education

They would preferably recruit locally, both from competing businesses, but also directly from other sources. The challenge is that there is no tradition for the oil and gas industry here. Engineers who are offered a job is sent to Trondheim on training in six to nine months.

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