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Welcome to We have collected the information You need for beginning to search for and find a job in another country.

What are the best country in the world to immigrate to?

Well, many countries might claim to be best. What we do know, is that Norway is always among the top choices.
So  -on these webpages, we will answer your questions, as where to live, cost of living, find and apply for jobs, work databases and much more.
A lot of information on this site, about working and living in Norway are free.
We will, at our best effort, give you different choices for accurate and timely information based on your needs.

We will, when needed, and with your approval and at your expense, redirect you to an immigration attorney, where we might have enough legal information about international government laws. An attorney in Norway, may charge you an hourly rate for approximately 350$.

Our consultation rates are a lot cheaper, and we are using attorneys only when we have to.
We hope you will find this information useful and good luck finding new opportunities in Norway.


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