Find jobs and immigrate to Norway, a EU country?

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Provide information about Norwegian immigration, preparation for migration, language and where and how to get a job for low and medium income individuals and families all over the world, who would like to work or start a new life in Norway!


We do not operate as any immigration attorney or consultant. Our site are based on the fact that Norway need immigrants, and we understand your problems – the first and most important step to leave your country and move to Norway – You need a job!

We will however, be able to give you answer of some of the most important issues for finding work and moving to Norway based on the following:

We will quickly and within 24 hours help you and answer you of the following:

  • Are you eligble for work VISA in Norway
  • Are you eligble for student VISA in Norway
  • Your rights for work and immigration as a non-EU citizen
  • Your right for work and immigration as an EU citizen
  • How to find work in Norway
  • Social benefits living in Norway

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