The labor shortage is increasing in Norway

Norway lacks over 60.000 workers


Norway lacks nearly 60.000 workers to fill open positions. This means and increase of 15.000 from the year before.

What industries have the largest lack of workers in Norway?

The construction industry have today the largest gap between available job positions and available workers. Only in this industry, over 14.000 people are missing. Also here there is a visible increase of over 6000 workers. Typical positions that needs to be filled, is among others electricians, carpenters, plumbers and painters.

The health and care sector lacks people for about 12,750 jobs. That’s 950 more than a year back.

Nurses are the single occupation that have the greatest shortage in Norway. Several thousand nurses is missing all over Norway.

The IT sector is no exception. Also here Norway is missing data engineers, programmers and IT-consultants.

One in five companies has had recruitment problems in the last three months. This is an increase from last year. As many as 36 per cent of the health and social services businesses have not been given the expertise they sought for the past three months.

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