Problems Faced by Foreigners in Norwegian Job Market


Problems Faced by Foreigners in Norwegian Job Market:

Currently, the Norwegian authorities are trying to make it as convenient as possible for foreign nationals to get good jobs. Due to the shortage of skilled labor in Norway, individuals belonging to healthcare and shipping related fields are extremely lucky. In terms of finding good jobs in Norway

Norway also has a very strong and stable economy. And comparatively low unemployment figures. However, your chances of finding a good job in Norway eventually come down to your knowledge. And of the Norwegian language and culture.

Problems Faced foreigners in Norwegian Job Market while Searching and Applying for Jobs:

Most Norwegian companies, including government organizations, have adopted the practice of privately approaching well-known individuals for critical positions. However, this does not mean that you shouldn’t apply for the jobs advertised on the internet or in local newspapers.

Personal recommendations and references help in job searches in Norway as much as they do in most other countries. But this makes it difficult for ex-pats without any Norwegian connection find it quite difficult to enter the job market. Even though they are adequately qualified for the task.

A vast majority of the jobs in Norway require at least some knowledge of Norwegian or one of many other Scandinavian languages. Some employers that do hire individuals without any knowledge of the Norwegian language often belong to the hospitality or agricultural sector. Having no or little knowledge of the Norwegian language reduces your job options significantly.

Tips on Improving Your Chances to Get a Better Job

As mentioned in the text over, learning the language will of course increase your chances to get a job in Norway a lot. Use your network, use LinkedIn, Facebook and ask people to give you tips and information how to find work in Norway.

Learning Norwegian

Though English is taught in almost all the schools across Norway and many Norwegians can speak English quite fluently. But it is recommended that you learn as much Norwegian as you can before you get to Norway. Also, individuals applying for a postgraduate degree will be offered an optional 1-year course in the Norwegian language in their first year of study.

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