Permanent Residence Permit for permanent stay in Norway

Permanent Residence Permit


A permanent residence permit allows the individual to work and reside in Norway for an indefinite period. Different conditions apply to the applicant, depending on the nature of his/her job and previously held permits. Obtaining a Norwegian permanent residence permit is fairly simple, and has few legal and formal requirements.

General Requirements

Before you can apply for a permanent residence, your stay in Norway should exceed three years. During the three-year period, you should have held work and residence permits that constitute grounds for the permanent residence visa. Tuition in the Norwegian language is also a compulsory requirement for the application of the permit in question.

The types of permits that can be used to form the basis of a permanent residence visa application include:

  • skilled worker or specialist permit
  • self-employed persons permit
  • family immigration permits to be with a foreign citizen that currently holds a permanent residence permit
  • refugee or resettlement permit
  • any permit is given because of humanitarian issues or asylum problems

Continuous duration of stay in Norway

During the three-year period of continuous stay in Norway, the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration requires you to have permits that form a solid basis for your permanent residence permit application. For your stay to be considered as continuous, you must not have a gap of more than 90 days between the expiry of your permit and the application date of renewal.

You are also required to have not left Norway for a total of 7 months over the past 3 years. There are exceptions to this rule though. If you are required on part of your employer or research work to stay outside Norway, you are exempt from this rule and have an extended limit of up to 15 months. You will have to provide proper documentation with evidence that your stay was indeed work-related.

Good Conduct Requirement

The Directorate of Immigration also puts applications of individuals charged with criminal offenses under heavy scrutiny. If you have not been expelled as a result of these criminal charges, a certain period may be added to your eligibility criteria before you can apply for a permanent visa/permit.

If you are uncertain regarding what permit forms the basis of your permanent residence application, you can find information in the letter with which you received your current visa.

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