Missing 6000 Nurses in Norway


Missing 6000 Nurses in Norway;

Monika is occasionally alone with 85 patients
Monika Lier Arntzen says she some days at work should be five or six places at the same time because of too few colleagues. Now she can no longer stand in her job as a nurse in Trondheim municipality.

There are garden parties and good weather at Munkvoll’s health and welfare center in Trondheim. The residents are gathered around the garden table, the laughter is loose.

But for nurse Monika Lier Arntzen it’s a sad day. This is her last working day in Trondheim municipality. I can’t stand this job anymore. It’s not justifiable, says Monika.

She has worked for ten years in Trondheim municipality, two of them as a nurse.

I have been alone on the unit as the only nurse, where there are 85 patients and have gone with just unskilled with me. It’s not every day it’s like that, but quite a few days are like that. It’s tough to walk in, she says.

Nurses are in strong demand in Norway both now and it also seems to be that way for a long time. Do you have plans to move or immigrate to another country, are a nurse, please check out the possibilities for getting a job as a nurse and work abroad.
You will soon find out that Norway has among the best social benefits and regulated work life in the world.
So for skilled nurses; welcome.
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