Thousands of thousands of new lucky immigrants to Norway each year


How long do you dare to wait? If you want to immigrate to Norway, this is the time to do it.

There has never been a stronger growth in Norway than right now. While the southern European countries are suffering of unemployment numbers record high, withdrawal of social benefits and many losing their jobs,

Norway seems untouched of the financial crisis that has hit the world.

Of course, the natural resources such oil, fish and seafood, clean energy, wood as some, Norway are good suited to go through a crises like this, without to much pain.
Lucky are all new immigrants, who get a job in Norway where you all get a minimum wages and payments that are rocket high compared to other European countries. Social benefits are among the best in the whole world.
If you want to do it – do it today.
To get a flying start, sign up today. 

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