Work in Norway with English or Norwegian language?

English or Norwegian language?


Norwegian language

You might need Norwegian language training. It all depends on what type of job you want and get, and whether it’s an international company or national/local company.

English language in many businesses in Norway

In some types of businesses and companies in Norway, normal skills in written and oral English will be sufficient, such as seasonal work in hotel and restaurant industry, oil & gas, tourism industry, construction and many more. In Norway, we have a lot of immigrants working in construction, both from our neighbors (Sweden and Denmark), but also all the EU countries, especially Eastern countries in Europe.

Norway’s 2 languages

Norway has 2 languages, quite similar for the Norwegians, but could make it a little confusing for foreigners. One is the main language, origin from the Danish language and the other one is based on the dialect.

How can you learn Norwegian

  • First of all, check out your possibilities for learning the Norwegian language in your own country. This could be your easiest option.
  • The nationwide adult university in Norway called Folkeuniversitetet. It is a good source for you to start, and offer classes in many languages.
  • For personal training, we have an overview of academics in 38 countries all over the world, who will give you education in the Norwegian language.

For more and detailed information, names, countries, phone numbers and e-mails, please sign for personal service.

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