Seasonal, Guest and Au Pair Worker Permits / Visas


Seasonal Worker


A seasonal worker is a foreigner engaging in seasonal work, such as farming, harvesting or as an ordinary replacement for someone in the summer holidays.

The work permit issued to seasonal workers may last for up to six months. It can only be renewed after the applicant has spent six months outside Norway. Before applying for a seasonal workers permit, the individual must have a solid job offer and a contract from the employer. The terms and conditions of employment, including wages, should not be inferior to the standard, offered in Norway.

Any individual who requires a visa and is in Norway legally is allowed to apply for a seasonal work permit from within Norway. Individuals who are in Norway legally and do not require a visa can also apply from within Norway. A seasonal work permit does not make a basis for a settlement permit.

 Au pair

An au pair is categorized as a young foreign national who lives and works with a Norwegian family. And in return for board, room and some pocket money. The sole purpose of the stay though should be to learn the Norwegian culture and language.

To apply, the au pair should be between the ages of 18 to 30. A solid job offer must be in possession of the applicant before submitting any documents. The permit must be applied for and obtained before making entry into Norway. The permit is usually granted for a maximum of 2 years. And cannot be used as a basis for a settlement permit.

Guest worker

A guest worker is a foreign national whose main objective is to learn more about Norwegian culture, agriculture, and language. A guest worker is expected to partake in the daily chores on a farm, working as a part of the family that owns or runs the farm.

The applicant must have a solid job offer before applying. The permit/visa has to be applied and obtained before entry into Norway. You can get a guest worker permit is usually granted for up to three months. But it can’t be renewed or extended. Similar to seasonal and au pair permits, a guest worker permit does not make the basis for a settlement permit.

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