Your Rights and Duties as an Employee


As a worker in Norway, you are protected by the Norwegian legislation in the event of an accident, illness or injury, resulting from the work you do or the workplace. Norwegian legislation applies to both foreign workers and service providers, working and living in Norway, in the same way, it applies to Norwegian residents.


Working Environment Act

Lawmakers and public health officials consider the Working Environment Act as the most important law regarding the safety and rights of employees in Norway. It has been introduced to ensure your safety and good health in your workplace and to regulate all your labor duties and rights.

Under the current laws of Norway, it is the employer’s duty to ensure that all rules and regulations regarding workplace conditions and ethics are followed. Nonetheless, employees are also given certain responsibilities as part of the law. Employees are obliged by law to contribute and cooperate towards making the workplace safe, environmentally friendly, and healthy.

Your mode of employment, i.e. contract, temporary or permanent, does not make any major difference to your rights that you are by law, obliged to receive from your hirer or employer.

Rights of an Employee

Certain rights have been given to employees over their employers by the Norwegian legislation. These include:

  • The right to a working environment, where all sources of danger that could possibly harm you or affect your health in any way, are informed to you beforehand.
  • The right to leave work immediately and abandon the workplace if you feel that it could be dangerous to you or your well-being to continue work.
  • The right to freely contact the authorities that address the safety concerns of employees.
  • The right to inform the employer of any safety hazards at the work site.
  • The right to contact the Petroleum Safety Authority or the Labor Inspection Authority if you feel that your safety concerns are being ignored
  • The right to join a Labor Union and become a safety delegate at your workplace.
  • Duties of an Employee

The Norwegian legislation has placed certain responsibilities and duties upon employees to ensure the wellbeing of other employees and the workplace as a whole. These include:

  • Not being reckless with instruments that could be of potential danger
  • Notifying your employer of any health issues that could possibly affect other employees.
  • Cooperate with others on matters regarding the health and safety. Do not try to destroy or misuse any equipment that has been placed at the worksite for your own safety and wellbeing.

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