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Due in part to this dense population, the UK is one of the most highly developed and politically powerful countries in the world; as such it is one of the most attractive destinations for immigrants from all over the globe.


Key Facts
The world’s first industrialized nation, the UK has a long and rich history. Once known as the British Empire and in control of almost a quarter of the world, the United Kingdom is now a unitary state headed by a constitutional monarchy and governed by a parliamentary system. Thanks to its temperate climate, the UK is known as a green and plentiful land with moderately mild winters and warm summers. The UK’s capital city, London, is said to be the largest urban area in the European Union zone with a total population of between 12 and 14 million people. There is an extremely substantial level of immigration to the UK, with many of those migrating being granted British citizenship.


Economy and Industry
The UK currently has the sixth largest economy in the world and London is the world’s largest financial center alongside New York. Throughout history, the UK has been one of, if not the, most dominant industrial powers in the world. In the 19th and early 20th century, the UK was a world leader in heavy industries such as coal mining and shipbuilding. The UK economy is presently dominated by its service sector which makes up over 70% of its gross domestic product (GDP). Manufacturing still accounts for over 15% of the national output with tourism and the automotive, pharmaceutical and aeronautic industries playing a major role in the country’s wealth.
Working and Studying in the United Kingdom
Over 10% of the UK population is made up of people who were not born in the UK. Citizens of the European Union have the right to live and work in any member nation, including the UK. Like many developed countries, the public sector is one of the major sources of employment for the population of the United Kingdom with jobs in healthcare and education in constant high demand. Mining and quarrying for energy supplies, financial services and transport and communication work all account for a substantial share of the UK economy and offer endless job opportunities. A high percentage of foreign nationals, living and working in the UK, are granted permanent settlement rights and after five years are invited to apply for naturalization as a British Citizen. The UK is home to some of the longest established universities in the world and has an internationally recognized reputation as a leader in global education. All of Britain’s top universities welcome foreign students and enjoy a rich and diverse approach to academic research.
Living in the United Kingdom
The UK is a unique combination of four distinct countries, each with their own staunchly preserved customs and traditions. This amalgamation, combined with a dense population and high levels of immigration have resulted in a multicultural nation which continues to make a great contribution to the arts and global creative industries. Due in part to its history as a major colonial power, British influence can be seen in the culture and traditions of many countries across the globe. Education is of utmost importance to the people of the UK and they boast one of the highest literacy levels in the world. A highly developed nation with a long and eventful history, the United Kingdom offers a wealth of opportunities for those who wish to work or study there.


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