Spain – A Hub for the Immigrants

Spain, a member state of the European Union, is a diverse country located in southwestern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula. It is the country with the largest number of World Heritage Cities and the second-largest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, after Italy.
Spain has always been an exotic country in Europe, because of its relaxed lifestyle, friendly inhabitants, cuisine, vivacious nightlife, festivals, and popular folklore. Therefore, it is always an attraction for people around the world.
According to the Spanish government, 5.7 million foreign residents were there in Spain in 2011, which is 12.2% of the total population. Behind this high immigration rate, there are different reasons, such as:
An economy of Spain:
Spain’s capitalist mixed economy is the 12th largest in the world, 4th largest in the Eurozone and 5th largest in the European Union. Therefore, people around the world immigrate here to establish themselves economically, which is based on the ever-growing tourism industry, energy renewable production houses, and many new developing industries.

Fun life in Spain

Spain is always a major attraction for the fun life it offers to its countrymen. The great beaches, cultural impacts, stunning nightlife, and the historic places are always a great attraction for people. Therefore, people around the world come here and settle down to enjoy a lavish and fun life.

Geographical facility

 With a stretched area of 504,750 sq. km. Spain offers huge diversity to live in. The mainland of Spain is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the east and south, France, Andorra and the Bay of Biscay to the north and Atlantic Ocean and Portugal in the West.  The territory also includes the Balearic Islands situated in the Mediterranean, the Canary Islands situated in the Atlantic Ocean and two autonomous cities, Ceuta and Melilla in North Africa. With this vast area, it is the second largest country in Western Europe. Therefore, people around the world come here to settle down and the immigration rate is quite high.

True beauty

 For the people who love nature, Spain is blissful to their eyes. Costa Blanca
• Costa Brava
• Costa del Sol
• Gran Canaria
• Sierra Nevada
• La Rioja
• Ibiza
These places are the right destinations for the people who love nature more than anything else. It offers wide beaches, unspoiled beauty and chance to explore the nature closely.

Cities with unlimited facilities


The capital of Spain is the true destination for people around the world. With the fantastic museums, great food, interesting architecture and stunning nightlife it attracts people from around the world.


This is the second important city in Spain and was build-up with all the modern facilities for the people to live in. The modern buildings, nightclubs, and amazing cultural life are great attractions for the people around the world. The dramatic beaches are the additional fun for the people who come here to live.


This is the oldest city in Western Europe and has a 4,000 years old history of its own, which attracts people who have an interest in history. It is also famous for its carnival.


This industrial city is an attraction for the people who want to settle down their professional lives. The Guggenheim Museum is the major attraction of this city.


This is simply a stunning city in the South and surrounded by the snow-capped mountains of Sierra Nevada from all the sides. This is a true destination for the people who love to stay close to nature, but enjoy the modern facilities, like good education, better work and secured home.
Therefore, Spain is always on the top list for the people, who like to stay safe, enjoy superb facilities, good working opportunities and live at their best.

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