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New Zealand Calling for a Superior Lifestyle

Are you considering immigrating to a foreign country for enhancing your education or professional opportunities, or just raising your family in a better environment? If you nod your head in affirmation then, New Zealand – the land of assorted natural beauty stands as an ideal choice for you.

New Zealand – An Overview

A country of natural beauty, New Zealand delights the senses truly. From serene lakes, picturesque beaches, active volcanic formations, raging rivers, to rough mountains. You name it and the country has it. The island country is also home to abundant flora zones that add to the natural beauty of the country. New Zealand offers a fantastic blend of natural beauty and adventurous activities. This makes it a dream destination for millions across the country.

Location and Demography of New Zealand

The island country is situated in the South Pacific Ocean to the southeast of Australia at a distance of 1600 kilometers. It is slightly larger than the British Isles. The country has around 4.3 people living mostly in the South and North islands. The Northern Auckland region is richly populated with almost a third of the population living in the region.

Why are people interested in immigrating to New Zealand?

New Zealand is considered one of the most habitable destinations around the world. A healthy environment and political stability are the two things that tend to appeal the migrants most to this country. It is considered a ‘land of opportunity’. New Zealand offers a rich blend of modern infrastructure and a naturally beautiful landscape.

Here is a quick look at some of the factors that drive immigration in favor of the island country.

Living Standards

  • The city of Auckland and Wellington are respectively ranked 4th and 12th in the list of world’s livable cities. The survey was conducted by the Mercer Quality of Life Survey.
  • The country ranks 3rd on the list of the best countries to live, according to the Human Development Report published by the UN.


  • The country is blessed with a flourishing and developed economy. It offers an estimated US$28,250 GDP with conformity to the PPP (purchasing power parity).
  • The country was ranked 4th and 5th respectively on the Index of Economic Freedom and Human Development Index, as published by the Heritage Foundation.


The island country holds multiple opportunities for students willing to immigrate to New Zealand for higher studies. Universities in the country usually focus on offering small-sized classes enhancing personalized learning. The education industry of the country features research, training, and consultancy services making it a pioneer in the educational system development.
The visa choice of a student willing to go to the island country includes: –
  • Student Visa; allows a full-time study along with staying in the country for the period
  • Visitor Visa; allows the single course of two to the three-month duration
  • Working holiday visa; allows a year of travel, work, and short training courses.

Work / Employment

New Zealand is blessed with a flourishing business industry and culture. The island country is recognized for its products and services along with the innovation. The stable economy and the political stability of the country make it a haven for investments.

The visa categories include:

  • Temporary Visa: ideal for short time experimentations. To stay and work in the island country.
  • Work to Residence Visa: ideal for dabbling with short-term work opportunities and experiencing life in the country.
  • Resident Visas: ideal for making the country a permanent home.
Adding up to the multiple professional and educational opportunities, the island country offers you a relaxing ambiance of stay enjoying nature at its best. From beach walks, musical concerts in the park, to the sailboats coupled with the comforting environment – the country welcomes in its own style. The clear skies and the rolling green hills set the stage right for immigration.

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