Canada- A Magnet for Immigrants


The northern American land is a haven for people seeking a better life or broadening scope for higher education. Embraced by the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans, Canada enjoys an extensive stretch of 10m sq Km. Wow!! That clearly states why the country ranks second in terms of size. It shares a common border with the United States of America, which is also considered the largest of all land borders on earth. Mostly inhabited by the aboriginal community, people here mostly bear British and French blood.

Whether it’s a serene sip of maple syrup or gripping the oversized beer case from Canada, you’ll experience an immense joy in exploring the country’s wonders. From mountains reaching heights to kiss the skies to lavish glaciers dressed in white, there is enough to see and feel when you are in this evergreen land of North America. The country opens its heart to colorful life felt in the festivities enjoyed in the city of Montreal and Toronto. The Saskatchewan offers a rambling stretch for avid golfers.  From mountain biking to skiing, there is a host of opportunities for the adventurer.

Canada- opportunities in bountiful for the immigrant:

People hailing from different international destinations choose Canada for an affluent job and educational opportunities. The bilingual nation, which is also considered a federal dominion, enjoys a diverse economy. The country offers multiple openings in trade and commerce. The copious supply of natural resources has helped the nation to enter into commercial relations with its neighboring state, The US. Surveys reveal that the country is ranked 6th with regards to human development. The federal nation is also known for highest living standards.

Safety and protection:

The socially democratic land ensures that people living here are given the rights, which entitles a man to live freely within the territories of Canada.

Economic Attribute:

The country is considered one the richest nations of the world where the per capita income is high enough to lure the eyes of foreigners seeking a wealthy destination to settle and live a better life. The country shares a cordial commercial relation with the USA, the UK, and Japan. The country is a storehouse of energy like oil and gas.

Being an offshore resident of Canada –The Immigrant:

Canada holds abundant opportunities for the immigrants in terms of job and education prospects. The country is seeking talented professionals to meet its employment needs. Companies here are readily offering job opportunities to thousands of aspirants hailing from International backgrounds. On the other hand, the country has the top universities offering multiple higher education courses. Of course, if you are interested in shifting base to Canada, then there are reasons why you should take up the decision.

Employment opportunities for Immigrants:

Canada is an industrialized nation. The country offers massive employment opportunities for immigrants. If you are an offshore resident who is aiming to reach this North American land for career prospects, then this is here where you should pull your gear. Canadian employers find you suitable positions in their company. The favorable job openings land you in a position most suitable to reveal your core competence. The well-established companies are seeking professionals who are interested in investing their skills on the global point of view. Ease in finding employment is feasible in the country.

Educational opportunities for Immigrants:

So, what if you are unable to acquire a higher education degree program in your country? Canada has loads to offer you. Off late, the country has been experiencing growth of private schools and universities. The provincial Governments of Canada manage the prevalent norms in the academic system of the country.

Advantages of studying in Canada:

  • Offshore students coming here for academic pursuits are offered better career opportunities
  • Students are permitted to enjoy a working status simultaneously
  • The tuition fees are affordable
  • Studying in Canadian institutes enhances your opportunities to become a permanent inhabitant of the country

The federal country of North America warmly welcomes foreign residents to study and get employed.

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