Immigrating to Australia

Australia is known for its colorful history, vibrant cultural scene, and outdoor lifestyle. The world’s sixth largest country by total area, the country of Australia consists of the Australian mainland and various nearby islands. A wealthy and extremely highly-developed nation, Australia is known to provide its residents with some of the highest standards of living in the world.

The productive population of Australia continues to rise at a fairly rapid pace, resulting in high levels of economic growth and prosperity. Enjoying a climate envied by most of the rest of the world, breath-taking landscapes and unique wildlife, it’s no surprise that Australians are said to be amongst the friendliest and most welcoming people in the world.


Key Facts
The Commonwealth of Australia was founded in 1901 and comprised of six colonies which are now known as territories. Despite its size, Australia remains one of the least populated countries in the world with the majority of its 22 million people choosing to live in the urbanized eastern states. Like its former colonizer, the United Kingdom, Australia is governed as a federal parliamentary democracy, headed by a constitutional monarchy. The majority of Australians are of British origin due to the mass immigration of British criminals during the British Empire’s 18th and 19th-century reign. Modern Australia welcomes immigrants from all over the globe; the majority of its immigrants relocate from the UK, Vietnam, China, Italy or New Zealand.


Economy and Industry
Australia has the world’s thirteenth most substantial economy. A major exporter of both manufactured goods and commodities, Australia has a stable economy which has continued to grow in recent years. Australia’s plentiful of supply of natural resources and sophisticated agricultural industry has helped the country to become one of the world’s major exporters of agricultural products. Trading primarily with countries in the Far East and the US, Australia exports products such as wheat, wool, minerals, coal and gas. It is thought that the average middle-aged Australian’s earnings are significantly higher than their counterpart’s earnings in other developed countries. This affluence suggests Australians are amongst the wealthiest people, per capita, in the world.


Working and Studying in Australia
Like many other large, developed countries, the service sector in Australia accounts for around 70% of its gross domestic product (GDP). The tourism, education, healthcare and financial services sectors are the most likely places to find employment; however, Australia does have some specific restrictions in place to control immigration. For example, in order to work in Australia, you must be recognized as a skilled worker and have either sponsorship from an employer or specific permission from the Australian government. However, the Australian government does encourage those who wish to travel and explore Australia for a short period of time, making working holiday visas widely available. Australia is home to many universities, some of which are recognized as being amongst the 100 best universities in the world. In order to find out if you’re eligible to stay in Australia as a student, you must obtain a study visa through your chosen institution.


Living in Australia
Australians enjoy a standard of living that is unequaled anywhere else in the world and have a very high life expectancy. Making a significant contribution to the arts and sports worlds, Australia is a culturally diverse nation which rates the health and education of its citizens is paramount. The protection of civil liberties and political rights are deeply entrenched in Australia’s constitution and Australia is a respected and key member of various international organizations such as the G20, the World Trade Organisation, and the United Nations. A beautiful country with dynamic cities and an exceptional landscape, Australia is a top destination for migrants all over the world.


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