Work and Residence Permits in Norway


Work in Norway?

Self-employed individuals who wish to conduct a long-term independent business in Norway must prove to the authorities that there is a proper economic basis for the business. Individuals who have been offered a job or a contract must show a solid offer of employment from the employer or a letter of contract assignment.

The working conditions and salary must not be less than the prescribed current collective agreement or salary scale for that particular industry. In case there is no set pay scale for a particular industry, the pay offered to such applicants must not be any less than what is normal for that particular occupation.

Residence Permit for Work in Norway

There are several types of residence permits. Other requirements vary, depending on the type of residence permit you may need to do your job.

The employee or the employer can apply for the residence permit. If the employer is applying on the employee’s behalf, a letter of authorization from the employee must be attached with the application. The application must be submitted to the Service Center of Foreign Workers or the local police station of the business’s registered address. The application fee is about NOK 1100 but it is recommended that you check for the latest updates before submitting any documents.

Early Employment Scheme

An individual cannot enter Norway while his application is in process or until the resident permit is granted. However, there are certain exemptions to this rule, for example if the employer provides the tax certificate and a declaration, stating compliance with the current legal requirements in Norway with regards to health, safety and working environment.

This is known as the early employment scheme and employees that fall under the category of skilled workers expertise, those with salaries more than NOK 500,000 a year, or trainees or specialists employed by an international company.

Residence permit

When a residence permit is granted, it becomes obligatory on the individual to report to the police within seven days to get the permit fixed in the passport and identity control. If the application for the permit is rejected, the individual has the right to appeal. For foreign applicants that need a visa to travel to Norway, the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration will assign a Norwegian consulate or embassy to issue the entry visa.

Residence Permits leading to Permanent Residence

The duration of a residence permit can range from a minimum of 1 year to a maximum of 3, although it should not exceed the duration of the job or the employment contract. Certain residence permits may also constitute the basis for permanent residence applications if three consecutive years of lawful residence have been completed.

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