Worker outside the EU finding jobs in the IT-industry in Norway



Increased numbers of workers outside the EU getting jobs

The number of migrant workers from India and other countries outside the EEA rose to 6,196 last year. – A type of immigration that goes a little under the radar, believes the UDI boss.

If all groups of immigrants and refugees are seen together, the number has been decreasing for several years. Both the number of labor immigrants from EEA countries and refugees and asylum seekers have declined significantly.
But one group stands out and is growing: Labor immigrants from countries outside the EEA.

– The typical immigrant in this group is a male Indian engineer, often in the IT industry, said UDI chief Frode Forfang when the figures were presented.

The number of foreigners from countries outside the EEA, who received a work permit in Norway, increased last year to 6,196. Ten years ago, the corresponding figure was about 4,000.

India is at the top of the list of countries from which these immigrants come from. In two years, the number of Indians was more than doubled to 1,901. Many of them are highly educated IT people.


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