How Many Norwegian Visa Options Are Available?

Norwegian Visa Options


How Many Norwegian Visa Options Are Available?

There are various types of Norwegian visas. The type of Norwegian visa option you need to apply for depends on the purpose of your stay in Norway.

Emergency Visa

Although most people who arrive without a valid Norwegian visa are immediately deported. However, in some cases, with special considerations, an emergency visa is issued. If the requirements are fulfilled, there are chances of you getting a regular visitor Norwegian visa.

Family immigration – Type D

If you wish to acquire a family immigration permit, you need to have a resident permit at the time of entry. The following family members are eligible for a type D visa.

  • Spouse of a Norwegian citizen (with children)
  • Spouse of a Nordic citizen who has been living in Norway for more than three years (with children)
  • Spouse/Child of a foreign national who has a resident permit
  • Spouse of a foreign national who is a skilled worker with a work permit

Fiancé Permit

It is a residence permit that allows an individual to marry someone who is already living in Norway, and thus live with the spouse. The requirements are quite similar to family immigration. However, a good public history of your spouse may be an added advantage.

Parental Permit

If your children are living in Norway, you can apply this kind of visa and live with them for up to nine-month.

Residence Permit for Medical Treatment

If you are ill and wish to visit Norway for medical reasons, you need to apply for a residence Norwegian visa even if your stay is less than 90 days. A one-year residence permit is issued to foreign nationals provided that all procedures will be privately financed. And the new occupancy will not affect the patients who are living in the country.

Schengen Visa – Type C

It a special Norwegian visa that entitles you to visit any of EU countries apart from the United Kingdom, Romania, Cyprus, Bulgaria, and Ireland.

Visa Application on Behalf of Artists

Since performing arts is an integral part of Norway’s culture, some artist’s bodies are allowed to apply for a visa on an artist’s behalf. However, the applied rules, regulation, and visa requirements are the same as per a type C.

Visa for Skilled Workers

It is an entry visa for people who qualify as skilled workers. This entry visa can only be applied for if, you already have a residence permit, or you have an employment offer and the resident permit is in process.

Visitor’s visa for Norway

A visitor’s visa is designed for special cases. Such as the head of the states and other international delegates, when individuals have a strategic reason for the visit.


The Documents required for a Permanent Residence Permit

Permanent residence permit

A permanent residence permit gives the holder the right to work and live in Norway for an indefinite period. You will only be eligible to apply for a permanent residency if you have been living in the country for continuously three years. You also need to complete Norwegian language tuitions for it will form a base for such a permit. There are special considerations for EEA nationals and their families.

Requirement Documents

Here is the list of important documents that should be handed over to the police when you are applying for a permanent residence permit. It is suggested that you keep a copy of this checklist when you take the documents for submission. Any document that is not provided will require a written explanation of its reason. Ensure that the documents are valid and provide accurate information, or else, it may lead to rejection or a prolonged process. Remember that a rejected application does not only take longer but is recorded as a negative aspect in personal state records. You are responsible to meet the government’s requirements and are expected to corporate during the application assessment.


You will be asked to present a copy of the past three year’s used pages of your passport, along with other travel documents such as tickets, visa letters, etc. If they are misplaced, you will have to find alternative means of evidence and proof, that suggests that you have not stayed out of the country for more than seven months of documenting. And that you have not stayed abroad for more than seven months during the last three years. Acceptable and valid proof is a written confirmation document from your employer, university, or hospital.

List of time spent abroad

With specific information such as dates, duration of stay, a reason for the journey, you need to provide an overview of all travel details.

Other documents which are needed as per your legal status in the country, profession, and family structure

  • A declaration of cohabitation
  • Copy of passport pages used for traveling by your cohabitant/ spouse/registered partner (during the last three years)
  • Tax returns
  • Salary payment proofs along with bank receipts
  • All received paychecks during last three years
  • Employer’s offer letter
  • A written document from the employer explaining the reason for any official trips (if any)
  • Dated and signed visitation agreement between you and the other parent (in case you hold a family immigration permit based on visitation with your offspring)
  • Letter confirming that you have successfully attended the Norwegian language tuitions
  • An explanation of alternating your name along with the necessary legal documents (If applicable)


The requirements may change from time to time. For an updated list of needed paperwork, contact a legal advisor or Norwegian consulate.

Applying for a Work Visa

Where to submit your application?

If you are currently living in Norway, you can submit your application at the local police station. If you are in your home country, you have to apply through the nearest embassy or a Norwegian Foreign Service Mission Office.

Application Fees

You are required to pay NOK 1100 with your application, through the medium stated in your application form. The same applies to renewals of permits. For applicants, belonging to EU/EEA member countries, there are no application fees.

If you are in Norway while applying for a renewal, the fee should be paid when you submit your documents at the police station, either by cash or card. You can also pay the fee in advance, through a credit transfer. Regardless of whether you send your application through the mail or submit it in person. For any queries regarding advance payment, you should contact the police as they receive the payment and not the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration. If you are submitting the application in Oslo, contact the police immigration office for the account number.

Application Processing Time

The time taken by the concerned authorities to process an application depends on the type of permit being applied for. There is no exact time given for the process, although the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration does update its website for applicant information services.

Appealing a Decision

Any decision regarding an application can be appealed against. Your case will be first processed by the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration and then the Immigration Appeals Board. If the Directorate abides by its original decision. There are no fees associated with appeals.

Who can apply for a work permit on your behalf

The only part that can apply for a work permit, is the Employer. On your behalf, if they have a written letter of authorization from you. The application must be submitted to the local police station. Your parents or children are not allowed to apply on your behalf.

Working without a Visa

Individuals belonging to certain countries often do not need a visa to enter Norway. They are still not permitted to work until a work permit has been officially issued. Though, they can still work with a temporary permit.


Who Can Get a Visitor’s Visa? and How to Apply?

Visitor’s Visa

You need to apply for a Schengen visa to visit Norway. It is a 90 days visa which gives access to all European EU countries except the United Kingdom, Cyprus, Ireland, Bulgaria, and  Romania. These countries have their own passport control system. And if you wish to visit any of them, apply for a separate visa before arrival.

If you fail to obtain a Schengen visa, however, you may apply for a national visitor’s visa, if you wish to travel to Norway. Remember that it is only granted under unique circumstances. You can apply for this visit permit only if, your journey is based on national considerations, international commitments, or humanitarian reasons. Such visas are processed by UDI rather than the Norwegian embassy or consulate.

Anyone, who has a clear legal history, without any complications, can apply for a visit visa (provided that the intention to visit clearly documented).

Where do I apply?

The visa or permit application is usually handed over to officials at a Norwegian embassy or consulate since it requires heavy documentation

Fingerprint Registration

According to the new rules effective from 11 October 2011, all the candidates will be required to personally visit the embassy to register their fingerprints. The people who are exempted from this regulation are physically disabling for whom giving fingerprints is impossible, children below the age of 12, and acting heads of state. It is important for you to know that in some countries, applicants will have to hand in the visa application form to another country’s embassy.

Apply Online

If you have a Norwegian embassy or consulate within your country, you can apply online. However, the online option is not applicable to you, if you are required to visit another country to apply for a visa.

In Case of Rejection, you can Appeal the Decision

If your visa is rejected, you can appeal against the decisions taken by the Directorate of Immigration within three weeks. When you appeal a decision, your case is usually reconsidered by a special officer who re-evaluates the entire application to see if the decision was justified or not. The appeal body’s final word cannot be challenging for it is itself a rejection appeal.

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