National Insurance Scheme In Norway

National Insurance Scheme


As a general rule, all individuals working in Norway are insured under the Insurance Scheme. This is done from the day they start working. If you require information regarding any of the specific rules regarding the National Insurance Scheme and its policies, contact your local Labor and Welfare Service (NAV) office.

As an employee, you are required to contribute towards the National Insurance. You can do this from your salary or wages. The amount totals to about 7.8 percent of your total pay and is deducted from it along with the tax. If you are not obliged to pay tax, the insurance amount should be paid to the local NAV office.


You are entitled to remunerations and benefits in accordance with the Norwegian national insurance legislation Since you are apart of the Norwegian Insurance Scheme. For example, if you have any health concerns and need to visit the hospital. You are entitled to make as much use of the Norwegian national health services as any other citizen of Norway.

Child, Parental and Sickness Benefits

If you wish to apply for child benefits, cash reimbursements for staying at home with children under the age of 3 or sickness benefits, contact your local NAV office. If you have Norwegian citizenship but are not currently living in Norway, and you wish to apply for any of these benefits, contact the NAV office at your workplace.

Individuals Exempt from the Scheme

Certain individuals are exempt from membership in the National Insurance Scheme. These include:

  • Employees who are working in 2 or more countries and are not residents of Norway.
  • Employees who are sent by their regular employers to work in Norway for less than a year with all the costs and expenses being borne by the employer.

If you belong to any of the above categories, you should be a part of the national insurance scheme. To confirm that you are in fact exempt from the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme, you need to obtain the form E1010. You can obtain it from the national insurance authorities of your country of residence. You should submit the form to the NAV office at your workplace or directly to the NAV Madla Welfare.

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