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About Norway

At the beginning of 2018, there were 916.625 persons who had immigrated to Noway. That ad’s up to 17.3% of Norway’s population and is an increase of 32.000 persons in one year.

Total population in Norway pr 01. January 2018 was 5.295.619.

Now, if you are thinking to leave your country and join our nearly 1 million foreigners, search for jobs and start a new and better life somewhere else, there are many reasons you will find Norway a very interesting option. Please feel free to research our site and come back if you have any questions.

There is much to consider and be aware of immigrating to another country. You have language barriers, cultural difference, law and order, immigration practice, where to live, a way of living, cost and earnings, type of jobs and much more.

Even if you are free to research our website, and find a lot of information, You might end up needing additional help. We will try to help you as best as possible.

Yes. We respond in person to your questions and e-mails. In some instances, we speak over the phone. We do all communication, in person, not any automated robots.

This is highly appreciated by our visitors. Even though – we are NOT a CV/job database, we do provide help and guidance through our partners.

Our preferred partner is www.jobsnorway.no

JobsNorway.no is the ONLY and most dedicated website helping foreigners find and get a job in Norway. You could be safe signing up for an “Active Search”.

To get personal help and follow up with our partner, you have to register for one of our 2 services:

  • Immigration Norway consulting (by e-mail communication)
  • Active searching for a job for you (CV, job search, submit to databases, contact headhunters, etc.
  • When you have completed the signup process, we will answer the following questions.

Going to Norway

  • Job search after immigration to Norway
  • Tips to where find work and jobs based on your experience
  • Cost of living
  • Social benefits being part of the Norwegian society
  • Housing and cost of living
  • The places based on climate, cost of living, activities, job opportunities and more.
  • Take the first step to Immigration to Norway….


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